Charitable Corner

Charitable giving provides many opportunities for estate and income tax reduction and is often an important component of a high net worth individual’s objectives. This collection of educational resources is provided for both charitably inclined individuals and charitable entities to assist with their charitable endeavors.

Opportunities for Donors

Various charitable giving techniques exist to enable donors to fulfill charitable objectives. Click each icon below to learn more about these techniques.

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Charitable Family Legacy
A glass skyscraper against the noon sun
Overview of Charitable Lead Trusts
Skyscrapers against a blue sky
Overview of Charitable Remainder Trusts
A row of glass skyscrapers
Charitable Transfer of an Individual Retirement Account
Elevated tracks pass through a city block
Maximizing Charitable Gifting Leverage
Skyscrapers against a river at sunset
The “Zero Estate Tax” Strategy
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Charitable Contribution Limits

Opportunities for Charitable Entities

Charitable organizations can employ many of the techniques that are available to for-profit businesses. Click each icon below to learn more about these techniques.

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Using Life Insurance to Benefit Charity
A city skyline against distant mountains
Retaining Key Employees of a Non-Profit Organization
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Non-Profit Entity Selection

Strategies for Charitable Entities

Like for-profit entities, non-profit entities have concerns about formation, retaining key personnel, and retirement plans. The resources below provide information to help address these concerns.

Desks in an empty office building
Retirement Plan Information for Tax Exempt Organizations
An empty corporate office
Permanent Life Insurance Living Benefits for Non-Profits

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