Animated Video Series

Buy-Sell Agreements

Bob and Al are co-owners of Boballoons. Their story illustrates the importance of having a buysell agreement in place when the unexpected happens.

Charitable Remainder Trust with Wealth Replacement

Deena and Dave love their local dinosaur museum and donate to it every year. But when it came time to figure out the best tax strategies for charitable giving, they thought it would be as confusing as spelling brachiosaurus. Watch this video to learn about the three places your money can go when you pass away - your family, the government, or to your favorite charities.

Income Tax Buckets

There are three types of income buckets - taxable, tax deferred, and tax free. What’s in your bucket?

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT)

Meet three families who made different decisions when buying life insurance. What were the different outcomes when the family breadwinner passed away?

Key Employee Retention

How do employers retain top talent? Watch this video to learn more about a key employee retention strategy.

Special Needs Trust

When David was injured in a car accident as a kid, his family was there to support him, but as his parents and grandparents aged, that support system got smaller.Thankfully, his family had a special needs trust created.

Supplemental Life Insurance Retirement Plan (SLIRP)

Scott learns how a Supplemental Life Insurance Retirement Plan or SLIRP would allow him to get money when he wants to, or needs to, without hassle.

Marketability Assessment

Mario and Maria both own successful businesses and have decisions to make when it comes to determining the value and marketability of their businesses as they consider an exit.